The UK’s fairest, fastest and most flexible broadband is coming to Keighley

Free yourself from the shackles of long contracts, poor service and patchy connectivity, join us as we FREE the Internet, one community at a time.
Gigabit Full Fibre illustration
Gigabit Full Fibre
We build & operate our own full fibre network. We give you ultrafast broadband into your home.
Free From Contracts illustration
Free From Contracts
No misleading claims or complicated clauses. We won’t lock you in. You are free to leave at anytime. There’s no risk with brsk.
Fully Flexible illustration
Fully Flexible
We give you the freedom to upgrade or downgrade your service with a click of a button, anytime. You’re in control.
Free From Limits illustration
Free From Limits
Use your broadband as much as you want. We will never slow you down. Free from constraints at the busiest times.
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  • In build
  • Ready for service

Coverage for Keighley

Our build teams are installing high speed fibre cables throughout the town of Keighley. Check out the coverage map to see where the build phase is taking place and when you can connect.
  • Coming soon
  • In build
  • Ready for service
for 6 months
Try 1 Gigabit per second to your home
Cancel at anytime. No obligations

Areas getting better internet

Ready for Service Forecast*
In build
October 2021
Exley Head
In build
November 2021
Coming soon
October 2021
Ingrow South
Coming soon
October 2021
Keighley North
Coming soon
November 2021
Coming soon
November 2021
Coming soon
November 2021
Coming soon
December 2021
Long Lee
Coming soon
January 2022

* Ready for service forecast is subject to change. Please do not cancel your existing broadband service until your home is confirmed as ready for service.

Your journey to full fibre

How our quality install works for you and the community
Step 1: illustration
Step 1:
The brsk team will engage with residents and stakeholders of the community to communicate the details of the roll-out of fibre to your area.
Step 2: illustration
Step 2:
The brsk team will conduct a survey of your area in order to determine how best to provide fibre to each home.
Step 3: illustration
Step 3:
brsk will use existing telephone poles to string the fibre throughout your community. Additional civil work may be required where necessary, this will be kept to a minimum.
Step 4: illustration
Step 4:
If civil work is required, the brsk team will reinstate the pavement and ensure that your pavements are left looking neat and tidy.
Step 5: illustration
Step 5:
Once your area is fibre-ready and “live”, brsk will be able to install fibre into your home.
Locations infographic
  • * During the construction phase, we install new fibre cables to the top of existing telephone poles in your street.
  • * Multiple homes are connected from one pole. When you order brsk broadband, we install the fibre into your home.
  • * Once you have placed your brsk fibre order and selected a broadband service, your installation will be scheduled at a convenient date and time.
  • * During the installation, a fibre cable will be installed into your home, and connected to your new fibre equipment.
  • * The equipment includes an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) device and fibre router.
  • * The brsk router will provide wifi connectivity throughout your home.