a diagram showing how brsk's betterphone service is connected via the brsk router for VoIP calls.


Stay in touch with friends and family from only £3 a month by adding our BetterPhone service to your brsk broadband subscription.

To get the benefit of our BetterPhone service, you need to be subscribed to our BetterNet broadband service. Existing customers can add it to their accounts in their login portal. New customers can add it to their basket as an add-on, to get started, just search for your postcode by clicking the button below.

Get BetterPhone from just £3/month

Why switch to BetterPhone?

  • Crystal Clear Calls

  • Keep your current phone

  • Keep your current number

  • Ditch your pricey line-rental

Get crsystal-clear, affordable calls with Brsk's BetterPhone VoIP calling packages

Why choose BetterPhone?

By 2025, old copper networks will be phased out - so your landline as you know it won't be around for much longer.

Our BetterPhone service allows you to make calls using your current landline phone, over the Internet (VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol) - so you can cut out the old copper cabling altogether! And, you can keep your current landline number*

So why keep paying for line rental you might not need?

We offer two plans:

BetterPhone Essential - £3 per month
Includes your line, and all calls are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis - so you only pay for what you use.

BetterPhone Home - £8 per month
Includes your line and ALL UK landline calls.

For pricing per minute, visit our price book

To take advantage of either of these plans, all you need to do is subscribe to our BetterPhone service, and plug your phone into our brsk router, instead of your old phone socket (some folks may need an RJ11 to BT Plug adapter for this) and once you've received the email saying your BetterPhone service is 'live', you can make calls in exactly the same way you did before, only cheaper.

Save money on your landline calls and line rental

Add BetterPhone to your plan for just £3/month

Get BetterPhone from £3/month
a diagram showing how brsk's betterphone service is connected via the brsk router for VoIP calls.

How it works

BetterPhone works using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. This means calls are sent over the Internet rather than a traditional fixed landline, which has various advantages;

  • Better sound quality
  • Cheaper calls
  • Cheaper line rental
  • Keep your current landline phone*
  • Keep your current landline number**

All you have to do is sign up for the service and plug your telephone handset into the Brsk router once you receive confirmation that it’s gone live.

*Some phones may require an ‘RJ11 to BT plug’ adapter, we can give you one of these free of charge if you contact our support team.
**Not all companies support the 'porting' (transfer) of phone numbers, so in some rare instances you may not be able to keep your number - in these cases, we'll issue a new phone number to you.

*** VoIP phone services are more vulnerable to power outages compared to traditional landlines which makes them less suitable for some use cases like emergency care devices among others. For peace of mind, all BetterPhone subscribers should have an alternative method for making emergency calls, such as a mobile phone

Dialling Features
  • 141 - withhold your number
  • 14713 - dial back the last caller
  • *227 - Enable anonymous caller rejection
  • **227 - Disable anonymous caller rejection
  • **0 - redial the last number you called

Frequently Asked Questions

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