Towns getting future proof broadband

We’re upgrading the digital infrastructure and providing future proof broadband to the towns listed below. Our full fibre network will provide speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second to all homes and businesses.

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We're rolling out full fibre broadband in the Bradford, Burnley and Manchester region.

Use our interactive map to check the status of your exact location.

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*Please search for your exact location to check its status as some locations go live ahead or behind the rest of the area

Your journey to full fibre

How our quality install works for you and the community

  • Brsk Asterisk During the construction phase, we install new fibre cables to the top of existing telephone poles in your street.
  • Brsk Asterisk Multiple homes are connected from one pole. When you order brsk broadband, we install the fibre into your home.
  • Brsk Asterisk Once you have placed your brsk fibre order and selected a broadband service, your installation will be scheduled at a convenient date and time.
  • Brsk Asterisk During the installation, a fibre cable will be installed into your home, and connected to your new fibre equipment.
  • Brsk Asterisk The equipment includes an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) device and fibre router.
  • Brsk Asterisk The brsk router will provide wifi connectivity throughout your home.

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Roll-Out News

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Brsk becomes patron for Stockport Community group ACE

We're delighted to have become a patron for Stockport Community group Active Community Experiences (ACE).

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Brsk supports Heaton Norris Community Centre over Platinum Jubilee Weekend

We were delighted to support a number of local community groups in Stockport to bring together residents of all backgrounds, to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee! Read more about the event here.

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Brsk announces first homes live in Stockport with customers excited to join the BetterNet

Great news! Our full-fibre broadband service is now live in the first areas of Portwood, Stockport, and we have connected our first customer to our 1 gigabit per second network. Learn more about how our first installation went.

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Brsk announces first homes live in Accrington with customers excited to join the BetterNet

We're really excited to share that our first homes in the Accrington area are now ‘live’ and our first customers are being connected to our new full fibre broadband network. Our first customer Victoria had her service installed and activated in Milnshaw on the 20th May 2022. Learn more about her experience here.

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Brsk passes 27,000 homes & signs up 2,000 customers in under 10 months

We’re proud to confirm that we have now passed over 27,000 homes across Bradford, Lancashire and Greater Manchester, acquiring 10% of those as new customers.

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Brsk commences rollout of Next Generation, Gigabit, full-fibre broadband to 50,000 homes in Burnley & Padiham

New broadband provider, brsk, has announced that its next-generation gigabit full-fibre broadband service has commenced to 50,000 homes and businesses across Burnley and Padiham, freeing them from long contracts, slow speeds and poor service.

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Brsk connects first customer in Keighley to their full-fibre broadband

New broadband provider, brsk, have just connected their first customer in Keighley to its gigabit-capable, full-fibre broadband, while engineering work continues to bring further homes online in the coming months. Brsk will be rolling out to 25,000 homes and businesses across Keighley, freeing them from slow speeds and poor service.

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Brsk connects Cottingley Community Centre to next-generation, Full Fibre Broadband for Free

New broadband provider, brsk, has connected the Cottingley Community Centre to its next-generation full-fibre broadband completely free of charge - making good on their promise to provide a free gigabit connection to any school or centre of community importance that their fibre passes. All schools and qualifying community centres within their coverage area will receive gigabit broadband for free.

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We've been featured in ISP Review! Our first customers are now 'live' in Cottingley.

We're proud to have been featured this month in ISP Review - the 'go to' source for all UK Broadband news; for our recent 'go live' in Cottingley, West Yorkshire. After a lot of hard work, and a fantastic response from the Cottingley community, we've delivered our 1 gigabit service to our first customers in the area.

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We’re Bringing 1 Gigabit Full Fibre Broadband to Bingley!

This month we’ll be rolling out 1 gig full-fibre broadband to 11,000 homes and business across all of Bingley. We expect our first services to go live towards the end of September 2021