the brsk betterwifi service provides a mesh network of wireless access points to give you guaranteed coverage across the home


Extend your WiFi to reach every room in your home so that everyone can enjoy an uninterrupted connection, together.

To get the benefit of our BetterWiFi service, you need to be subscribed to our BetterNet broadband service. Existing customers can add it to their accounts in their login portal. New customers can add it to their basket as an add-on, to get started, just search for your postcode by clicking the button below.

Get BetterWiFi for just £8/month

What does it do?

  • brsk's BetterWiFi eliminates pesky WiFi deadspots around the home

    Eliminates deadspots

  • With More Coverage

  • BetterWiFi gives you the ability to work, browse and stream anywhere in the home - giving you more control.

    More Control

  • Our BetterWiFi service is backed by excellent customer support as rated by Trustpilot

    And Excellent Support

Browse, stream, work and play with reliable home-wide WiFi coverage using BetterWiFi from Brsk

Why choose BetterWiFi?

Every obstacle that comes between your device and router, means slower WiFi. Just about everything between them affects the signal, meaning the further you get from your router, the slower the speeds and the more unreliable your connection becomes.

When you add-on our BetterWiFi service, our wonderful engineers will come to your home to determine the best places to add our BetterWiFi devices to get you consistent coverage across the whole home. Our BetterNet router and BetterWiFi devices work together to make sure that you get quick and reliable speeds in all those hard to reach places.

With BetterWiFi, everyone can enjoy an uninterrupted connection, together.

Get home-wide coverage without dead spots for just £8 per month.

Extend your WiFi to reach every room in your home

Add BetterWiFi to your plan for just £8/month

Get BetterWiFi from £8/month

How it works

The Technology

There are a number of things that can slow your speeds and weaken your signal, including but not limited to; furniture, walls, ceilings and Bluetooth devices. Our BetterWiFi works to combat these unseen interferences to give you the best WiFi experience possible.

The BetterWiFi mesh devices we use provide additional WiFi points around your home, increasing the strength of the signals visible to your devices, and as soon as you move closer to a BetterWiFi device that can give you a better connection, your device will switch over to it seamlessly, and you’ll never know - you’ll just get the strongest signal wherever you are.

This means you can browse, shop, game and stream freely around the home.

The Perks
  • 10Mbps guaranteed, all over the home
  • The strongest signal wherever you are
  • No deadspots
  • And fewer arguments over the WiFi!

Frequently Asked Questions

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