Better WiFi

Every obstacle that comes between your device and router, means slower WiFi. Just about everything between them affects the signal, meaning the further you get from your router, the slower the speeds and the more unreliable your connection becomes.
When you add-on our BetterWiFi service, our engineers will determine the best placement for our BetterWiFi devices to give you the coverage you need. The router and the extenders will then work together to make sure you can get connected in those hard to reach areas of your home.

Why choose BetterWiFi?

There are a number of things that can slow your speeds and weaken your signal, including but not limited to; furniture, walls, ceilings and bluetooth devices. Never worry! Our BetterWiFi works to combat these unseen interferences, giving you a more reliable signal, faster speeds, and less complaining from the device-lovers.
The router/mesh APs and client devices work together to ensure your devices will seamlessly switch to the access point that provides the strongest signal. This means you can move freely around your home, without the worry of not getting the best speeds and connection available.
With BetterWiFi, everyone can enjoy an uninterrupted connection, together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BetterWiFi?

BetterWiFi is a product that gives you exceptional WiFi Access Points in strategic locations around your home. These access points (APs) work together with the main router, to provide extended coverage in those hard to reach areas.
Other benefits include; an assisted install, a guaranteed speed in each room of your home and ongoing support from the Brsk Support Team.

Does BetterWiFi require more wires installed around my home?

The BetterWiFi Mesh APs sync wirelessly with each other, so there is no need for additional cabling in your home.

Does BetterWiFi have a contract term?

BetterWiFi is linked to the broadband service term that you choose, so this will be either 1 month rolling or 18 months.

What is the difference between BetterWiFi Aps and traditional WiFi repeaters?

The APs used for BetterWiFi can seamlessly integrate with the main broadband router provided by us, which offers various benefits! Including:
Having a single WiFi network throughout your home
Seamless roaming between APs. Your devices will switch to the AP they see the strongest signal from, with no drops in your connectivity

What does your guarantee cover?

Our BetterWiFi service guarantees a usable signal in every room of your home, and a speed of at least 10Mb/s in homes up to 1850 square feet. It covers all areas of your home that can be accessed without going outside, including; converted lofts or attics, extensions, or a garage that has access from within the main property.
Outbuildings, such as summerhouses, garden rooms, annexes, sheds or unconverted areas such as cellars and lofts, aren’t included in the guarantee.

What equipment do you use to provide BetterWiFi?

For all of our broadband installs, you will receive an Icotera i4850 router as standard
For BetterWiFi we install Icotera i3550 Mesh APs to work alongside the main router

What are the technical specifications for the BetterWiFi equipment?

You can see more information about the technical specifications here:

What is your equipment return address?

Brsk Limited, The Store Room, Beckside Road, Bradford, BD7 2JS